Monday, January 14, 2013

The Best Art Show in the History of the World

I am preparing for my first solo exhibition at the StoveFactory Gallery in Charlestown, MA, which will open on May 11. My hope is that by this time, I will have learned to stop inexplicably referring to it as the StovetopFactory, which I think implies that they manufacture gas and electric ranges. This has proved difficult to do, as they don't manufacture anything at all. What goes into preparation for a solo exhibition, you wonder? A lot, I would tell you, if you had actually asked me that. There is the difficult but very important task of imagining the great fame surely to come and how my life will be forever altered; I've never had a lot of money, surely learning how to spend it will be hard! There is also much brainstorming to do about potential interview questions I will be asked by reporters and journalists. Aside from that, though, maybe just some paintings. A successful art show will quite often have a theme. Who can forget one of Rembrandt's first solo exhibitions, Syphilis and Paninis, widely touted as the turning point of his career. The art I have created does not yet have a coherent theme (nothing like Syphilis and Paninis), but so far it does feature a lot of female impersonators and animals with human body parts fused to their backs. I am using "The Best Art Show in the History of the World" as sort of a jumping-off point, though I imagine it may have to become slightly more specific, such as "The Best Art Show in Boston Today That I Have Heard of Anyway." 

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