Thursday, January 10, 2013

List of Accomplishments 2013

Though I resolved to spend the new year criticizing myself less and to stop comparing myself to others, and still do, after today that is, some days it's just hard not to recount the accomplishments in your life thus far to see what you have amounted to. If I list them publicly, maybe I will feel more accomplished at twenty-eight years. Here they are, in order of recollection.

1. Got some paintings temporarily up in an ice cream shop
2. Getting some more paintings temporarily up in a frozen yogurt shop
3. Blood pressure is, for another year, STILL ASTOUNDING, despite total lack of exercise and limited portion control.
4. On a similar note, years of eating many King-size Reese's Peanut Butter cups as an after-school snack has not yet "caught up to me," as my mother promised it would
5. Have veins that delight hospital employees and incite envy in intravenous drug users
6. Have not gotten fired, yet
7. Have not developed crippling drug habit 
8. ?
9. Last night I walked to the store and back to buy beer in SLIPPERS. It was exhilarating and wildly comfortable. 

A wise Chinese philosopher once said, "It could be better, but it is good enough." Actually, I don't think any philosopher really said that, but it was in a fortune cookie I ate last night. And perhaps having the confidence to wear slippers in public and the wherewithal to resist highly addictive drugs for twenty-eight years should be good enough for some of us. 

Here is proof of the fortune, which is now taped to my desktop monitor as a reminder.

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