Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New! Progress bar ----->

For your convenience, I have added a progress bar (follow arrows pointing to the right) indicating how many pages I have written in my (now less imaginary) novel. Progress is suggested by the color blue. If you choose to interpret this bar as some kind of fundraising effort to eradicate a crippling disease, then imagine the goal is 20,000 dollars. Otherwise, the goal is 200 pages. I will attempt to make this bar move a little bit every day, even if this movement is not at all noticeable with the naked eye and requires a small magnifying glass. I cannot provide magnifying glasses for each one of you because I spend most of my money on surgeries for my cat, but I can provide a link. I will try not to fluff up this number by including a table of contents, acknowledgments section, dedication page, or pictures, as I did for much of my senior year thesis (it somehow managed to account for 25 pages). I check the word count every seven seconds so it should be updated with relative frequency.

If you are still reading this, you can thank me for being one of the last places on the Internet without advertising, unless you count that link to a magnifying glass. 


ting said...

you are hilarious. hahahah!!!!

Ashley said...

Thank you, Ting! But what is really hilarious is your puns. If there was some kind of pun-writing awards ceremony, I would easily nominate you.