Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Cat insurance

A friend of mine was recently involved in a fender-bender with an old lady (my friend wants me to note that it was the old lady's fault. I thought this was obvious, as she is old) which may result in her paying a 300 dollar deductible to have her car fixed. This got me thinking about my own insurance policy that I have taken out on my cat. After a very, VERY LARGE vet bill she afforded from attempting to digest an unidentified plastic object, I decided that she would no longer be able to receive costly surgeries if I didn't get her her own insurance. I don't understand why she can't have her own credit or qualify for unemployment payments if she can have her own insurance, but perhaps these outdated policies will soon change. I offered to pay with my second kidney but unfortunately the hospital would not accept internal organs as payment. This was disappointing news as I had already gone through the trouble of having it removed. 

The deductible on my cat is only 200 dollars, so so far owning a cat is slightly less expensive than owning a car, provided you have insurance. I am not sure if they will provide me with a rental cat while my cat is in the shop, but I have not yet bothered to read the fine print. Or the large print, for that matter. 

Cats, as opposed to cars, do come with the obvious drawbacks, which are that cats are not a reliable form of transportation and that they do not come with a stereo. I have not yet assessed which of the two poses a greater danger to human life. My cat has a penchant for biting me, which is why I have no less than six spray water bottles placed strategically throughout my apartment. On the other hand, cars are not deterred by spritzes of water at all. 

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