Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Too busy to take your pants off?

If you lead a very busy life like I do, you may find you are even too busy to take your pants off for the time it takes to repair a giant hole. Forget about leaving them at the cleaners for a night, you need to wear your pants! As a time-saving alternative, why don't you try mending your pants while you are wearing them? This can be done right at the office where you do all your work. You just have to be VERY careful not to poke yourself with the needle. It helps if you don't mind that you are sewing the wrong side so that everyone can see your haphazard stitching. It also helps if you don't get nervous when your boss walks into your office and you are holding a needle to your leg. If I had done this properly I would have worn my pants inside-out. Eventually, you may want to consider buying a new pair of pants instead of patching the same hole over and over. That is, if you aren't too busy to go out and buy a pair of pants, which you are.

My emergency sewing kit:  Very handy, but, like CPR, do not wait to learn until the emergency arises, or you may find you have stitched your pants to your desk. I like to practice sewing drills, sometimes repairing six or seven pairs of pants at a time until I have reached a good pace, or until I am asked to leave the building if I can't keep my hands to myself. 

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