Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tomorrow we are taking Moxie to cat surgery

It's very scary! I'm sure Moxie would be disappointed that she was spending President's Day under anesthesia having teeth removed if she knew that that's what we had planned or what a president or a holiday was. I noticed that she has a broken tooth, so my roommate, Honah, and I took her to the vet last week to get it checked out. At the vet's office, Dr. Weiner (real name), who moonlights on the weekends as a hot dog vendor (probably not true) stuck his head in her mouth and began rooting around. After removing several small mice and his tie, which had gotten in there, he informed us in a very serious and alarming manner that she may have something called tooth resorption which can be very painful and the affected teeth will need to be removed. I began to cry as if he had just told me I would need to have my limbs removed and my house had burned down. He slapped me across the face and told me to be a man (not true). He then began to take some blood for tests. After a moment or two he noticed he was collecting my blood as I had snuck in my own arm instead because I could not stand to see her in pain. He told us some more things about tooth resorption and cat pain and how it was all our fault she got this way and I began to cry more. After all that he scheduled us for surgery and had us empty out our pockets and purses. Dr. Weiner, self-proclaimed expert in cat dental surgery, was charging an arm and a leg for just a few teeth, which feels a little too ironic for comfort. So now instead we are driving her to a vet in New Hampshire where they presumably love animals and people more than they do in Cambridge.

Tonight we are embarking on our first trip outside of Massachusetts, where Moxie will be able to revel in the beautiful countryside and different models of cars from inside of her plastic crate. Perhaps it is a little deceptive that I've told her we are traveling to a cat farm and spa, because she keeps leaving travel guides around the apartment for places like Robert Frost's house and a shaker village. We are staying at Honah's mom's house for the night where Moxie will probably be scared of the resident dogs and cats the whole time because she does not know what they are. If this is a problem for her I will tell her she is more than welcome to check herself into a hotel if she has the means. Anyhow, hopefully it will all go well and they give us both pain medications so I can cope with this situation. Good luck, Moxie!

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