Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yesterday we had our very first meeting in 2.5 years!

Minutes 2/24:

We began the meeting by discussing at length what we were all going to have for lunch. We then took a poll to determine if the majority thought it was going to rain later or not. I took scrupulous notes in the form of artistic renderings of some animals and of various objects found in the room, but if they had faces and were capable of voluntary movement. As far as I can tell, three people flew in from separate locations to have turkey sandwiches with us. When my boss left the room for a moment, probably to have a cigarette from the stress or to discretely have an extra turkey sandwich he had hidden in his breast pocket, the visiting staff backed me into a corner and demanded to know if I liked my job. I made some indecipherable grunting noises and asked if anyone felt a draft in the room. I then emptied a plate of free cookies into my purse and slipped out the window. Overall, having a meeting was a pleasant experience and I hope we have one again sometime.

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Nicholas said...

Wonders if the face to face was worth it? At least there was turkey and cookies? I have a question for you Ashley. My email is It's about writing stuff...

If you email me nothing I will write back the question to your email. I didn't see your on here. thanks,

Nicholas Lohr