Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Here's your man.

If you are looking for someone to thank/curse/serve with papers for the snow we finally received today in Boston, look no further than this (immortal) guy --->

That handsome man on some very malformed skis is Nordic god Ullr. According to some not very credible internet sources, Ullr is the god of snow and/or skiing and/or snowboarding. Even more legitimate research (Wikipedia) proves him to be the god of justice and dueling and the patron god of agriculture and archery, none of which has anything at all to do with snow, really, so I suspect his prowess may have been further embellished by fancy ski resorts looking for a mascot. Anyhow I'm happy with today's snowfall, if only because it doesn't seem to be very popular with a lot of people here, which makes me like it more, and also because it makes everything seem just a little more romantic. Taking out the trash and recycling? A chore. Taking out the trash and recycling in the snow? Romance. Waiting on the curb for your bus to arrive while a drunk man screams obscenities at everyone in the vicinity? Unmistakably irritating (unless you are that drunk man). Waiting on the curb for your bus while a drunk man screams obscenities and snow is falling? Well, Valentine's Day is just barely over anyhow.

Other related news: pictures of these cute baby animals in snow.

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