Thursday, May 21, 2009

It is a matter of fact that as Americans we are maturing at an increasingly slower rate than previously. Less than two hundred years ago, if I had been a satisfactory daughter, I would have given birth to nine children by now. Sure, six of them would have died before their third birthday, but that would still leave me with three kids to feed, clothe, and repeatedly remind what a burden they are and how they will never amount to anything.

Is this alarming? The fact that one hundred years from now, we're going to have sixty-five* year-old children? The mid-life crisis when you buy the Porsche is going to come at an inopportune time because you'll have cataracts and won't be able to drive.

*Absolutely no math or research was done for this post. It is important to me to keep numbers completely arbitrary and everything very loosely based on facts.

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