Friday, April 03, 2009

Recent ways in which I have managed to alarm my friends and (certain) family

1. Becoming kind of feminist-y. I always thought "feminism" was a dirty word and that feminists were kind of irritating and should stop nagging everyone. On the other hand, it isn't all about hating men (as if that weren't fun enough). I've been recommending books to friends with the word "women" in the book description, and I think everyone's just started looking at me funny.
2. Eating tofu. I have no explanation. I just kind of like it. What is it anyway? If I asked my dad to grill some tofu for me next time I was home I think he'd have a coronary. Aside from the indisputable fact of meat being delicious, this would be my main deterrent in not becoming a vegetarian. Because I care about my father's health enough that I would continue to eat delicious meats despite my loosely held beliefs.
3. Controlled drinking. Yeah, it's more trial and error than an absolute science. Look, the nickname "Trashley" wasn't exactly a coincidence, it was earned. And I'm not going to lie about being kind of proud of that, because I've never won anything in pretty much my entire life and I don't have a lot of marketable skills. Not everyone likes this. Most people don't believe me, or consult the DSM-IV for disorders which include symptoms of "sudden personality changes."

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