Sunday, April 05, 2009

New ways to answer the phone at work

I don't often get phone calls at work from actual people looking for help. More frequently I get hung up on, have a deep, emotional conversation and then realize I've been conversing with a recording, or find myself trying to decipher the message of a fax machine that keeps calling (see: Pie of the Inedible Sort) . Lately I've been having a little fun seeing how long I can delay actually speaking before the caller starts to freak out. But I don't think I'm going far enough. I would like to take advantage of this by doing the following:

1. Hanging up on people before they have a chance to hang up on me
2. Answering the phone in a sexy, throaty voice
3. Trying to switch everyone's phone service
4. Responding in sign language (which I will learn)

*This post was drafted in January. I was hoping no one noticed because I have nothing to contribute today.

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