Friday, May 02, 2008

Postcards from the afterlife

"Is there really a God? I mean really?" and other questions not to ask when you're hungover.

I generally try and limit brain activity when I'm the least bit hungover, but for some reason I thought of this one this morning and it seemed like a really good question to ask. It got me thinking. And not just about what kind of sandwich I want for lunch. We may never know the answer to this until we die, or until he sends us a postcard. If there is a God, what does his wardrobe look like? What does he drink? Does he like ice hockey or does he find it kind of dull? There are so many unanswered questions. My cousin Dan and I debated this, and he had some rather interesting thoughts. What if he was one of us just among us, right this very second and we never realized? And if he in fact is, just appearing like a normal human being who buys lottery tickets and files a tax return, what if you thought he was kind of a jerk? Like if he was one of your relatives who always took the last pig-in-a-blanket at family parties or gave you umbrellas as gifts? (A quick aside: a store employee once recommended that I give an umbrella when I was looking for a gift. I said that I thought that was a terrible idea, and that no one likes receiving an umbrella on their birthday, and was promptly smacked by the woman I was with who does give umbrellas as gifts.) Now you have something to talk about with your friends over martinis just like they do in Sex and the City. Oh wait, that's not what they talk about at all. At any rate, your insights on the subject will be welcomed.

What I imagine God might say in a postcard:

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