Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What I Did On My Spring Vacation
by Ashley

When I wasn't combating frizzy hair or wiping sweat from my forehead, I was doing enjoyable things with my family in Singapore. Once I had adapted to no longer being on an airplane (I refused to get out of bed until someone turned off the fasten seatbelt sign), my aunt introduced me to her family. My younger Chinese cousins stared up at me with blank expressions as she explained to them that I was actually related to them.

On the second or third day into the trip, or something, we saw a group of monkeys crossing the street on Sentosa Island, looking about for a while, and then wandering back into the forest without so much as waving to us. Most likely they had a bus to catch back to the main island. Everyone got very excited about it and all yelled at each other to get their cameras out. As far as I was concerned, we could have gone home after the monkey sighting and I would have returned very happily. I don't think monkeys are aware of the power they yield to make or break your trip.

We were subject to the whims of the eight or nine Singaporean and American children we were traveling with, which meant we did a lot of things requiring you to wear 3-D goggles or hold a flock of parrots while your picture is taken. Most every tourist stop ends at a gift shop. I think some of the bathrooms had gifts shops. In a stroke of business savvy, I decided that if I ever open a business in Singapore, I am going to open a gift shop at the end of a gift shop. Some of the merchandise inside will include tiny plaster figurines shaped like gift shops.

The other 3/4 of the trip we spent eating and drinking. We were introduced to many new and unbelievable foods. Not in the sense that they were unbelievably good, but more that we did not believe them. "There is what in this soup? Sharks? I don't believe you. If that's so, then what was his name?"

We also took many pictures of things and places that can only be found in Singapore tourism books. The day before we went home, we spent pretty much the entirety of the day in what I can only determine was a not very good mall downtown being chased around by sales clerks.

In conclusion, my vacation in Singapore was a lovely experience with some terrific family, and even some new foods you didn't have to get drunk to try. It was a satisfying cross-country adventure, but I think I am going to wait a few days before I get onto a plane for another twenty-four hours.

"Um, yes, I'd like a nutcracker designated for cracking crab legs in the 2-4 foot category. Approximately 10 inches in diameter. I suppose you'll have to special order that."

Alternate (dirtier) caption:
"Oh my, Mr. Jackson, this is the largest case of crabs I have seen in my entire career."

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Fever Dog said...

What was the crab's name? And did you eat it afterwards? I'm just disappointed in your lack of 3D goggles in the picture, I think you'd rock that look.