Monday, April 07, 2008

How many of you are subscribers to the theory that our dreams predict future events?

Well it's a good thing I don't because then I might be worried about having children in my very near future. Of course it wasn't one of those conventional sort of pregnancies, where you get fat and have to check into a hospital or anything. But in the same dream, I also had a terrific new apartment downtown, so ... maybe not so bad, you know? It was one of those pregnancies where you sort of just find a tiny baby in your house who is relatively fluent in English from the get-go, and then you realize you don't know the number to any good sitters in the area. The apartment had a courtyard with a pool.


Fever Dog said...

Hmm, what a conflict -- a cool apartment downtown, but you can't go out as you have to deal with this mysterious talking baby. Who in my head is being played by Stewie from Family Guy right now.

Ashley said...

Yes I agree. Well I suppose in the best case scenario, FOX would offer a tv show spot featuring my freak of n- I'm sorry, I meant MIRACLE baby, agreeing to cover the cost of daycare, a night nurse, evening nanny etc. etc. and maybe a pair of those expensive Bose noise-reduction headphones.

Aw, I kid. I er, love children ... now I have gone and upset babies everywhere