Sunday, March 16, 2008

I should be packing, but I have managed to do everything possible except for packing, including writing this blog post.

If embarking on a twenty-four hour trip overseas weren't nerve-wracking enough, my sources on Wall Street tell me that we may enter a state of serious depression like, tomorrow. I can only hope that my airline doesn't make a series of immediate of budget cuts in response on things like in-flight movies, Hemispheres magazine, or, I don't know, the amount of fuel the plane carries. The sane person in me somehow managed to convince myself not to go out last night, which I am very grateful for. I still have the matter of packing for my trip, which is so far the only thing I haven't managed to do today. I am not going to post any blogs on my trip, because that would be ludicrous, so you should just assume that I am still alive and not imprisoned in a Singaporean detention center.

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jiminycricket said...

The public demands live updates on the state of your cell in the Singaporean detention centre.
I think you should be ok in terms of budget cuts as i hear they're combatting it by putting the price of automatic-ball-return office-golf-putting-kit-thingies up by 5 bucks, which should cover any economic slumps induced by recession.