Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Does this box come in 5'6"?

At work, we are moving our office from one end of the hall to the opposite end of the hall. Yes, I'm going to have to deal with a lot of strange new changes, but it's still an arduous process that requires me to take three unplanned days off work while burly men and tech guys join forces to set up our new office space. In preparation, I have to remove all the things I've acquired in my desk over the past eight months as well as whatever was left by the people before me, and place them into a cardboard box. Moving is hard work! Anything that appears work-related whatsoever is not mine, unless it was something I over-zealously completed in my first month of employment.

Going into the cardboard box:
  • Several boxes of tea that promised noticeable results like Tranquility, Stress Relief, Vitality, and one that says simply "This one will prevent you from sleeping at your desk," which all failed with flying colors
  • Bottle of Advil, Aspirin, and Midol
  • Contact lens prescription (?)
  • Novelty buttons
  • An article my mom sent me from Harvard Women's Health Watch entitled "Alcohol over time: Still under control?" with an attached instructional Post-it Note
  • Various condiments and utensils stolen from nearby eateries
  • One mini cactus plant
  • Wrapping paper for several holidays
  • One hundred sixty-eight dollars in loose change
  • Bottle opener (which I promise was not mine, but was leftover from a previous employee - I now realize it was left as a suggestion)
Not going into the box: a collection of Boston area phone books from 2002-present.

Is it too late to take my box and all of its contents with me and start a new life for myself?

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Eric Shonkwiler said...

Like your blog. I'm curious as to anything and everything writing related that you've done, said, or read. Because I'm a writer too.