Thursday, February 28, 2008

Signs you are getting old.

  • You eat vegetables without being promised a new skateboard, and without someone pretending they are an airplane.
  • You do your own taxes, or have someone do them for you, or are in general aware that they even exist.
  • You hear yourself saying things you've heard your parents say, including "Bills, bills, bills," "Men.," and "I need that like I need a hole in my head."
  • Your parents stop returning your phone calls, and change their forwarding address without telling you.
  • Family and their married-type friends express marked concern that you don't have a boyfriend (God forbid) and try to set you up on blind dates with That Nice Man in Accounting or Betty's Handsome Young Nephew From Brandeis.


Anonymous said...

You are really doing well if you can get people to do the vegetable airplane thing despite being in your 20s.

Ashley said...

it's generally frowned upon but i can be very persuasive. i prefer the "train" one, though