Thursday, February 28, 2008

Questions my officemates are probably dying to ask me

  • Um, do you ever do anything around here ever?
  • Have you even considered it as a possibility?
  • Do you find the frequency of your hangovers as startling as I do?
  • Precisely who did you sleep with to get this job, anyways?
  • Why on earth do you chew so much gum?
  • Did you even bother to shower today?
  • Are you aware that our work hours don't actually start at 9:45, and they aren't going to just because you have convinced yourself that they do?
  • Is that mark on you forehead from falling asleep at your desk?
  • Was that you I just saw having a lengthy debate about the U.S. invasion of North Korea with a crazed homeless man who thinks he has X-ray vision?

I am prepared to answer all of these questions, that is whenever they decide to start talking to me.

1 comment:

J said...

No. No. Yes. I don't want to know. Building chewing muscles. No. No. Yes. Yes.