Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Bucket List for Twenty-somethings

I haven't seen the aforementioned movie because it looks really cheesy, but I'm familiar with the concept. I think my own Bucket List would vary because I'm twenty-three, seemingly healthy and have plenty of time. My bucket list:

1. Open my monthly credit card statement and for once, not cry.
2. Rent several new releases from Blockbuster and do not return them on time. Wait until they are many days, possibly weeks late, and then return them. Do not apologize.
3. Go to a fancy restaurant and order the most expensive thing on the menu, even if it is quail. When you are finished, ask the waiter if he can bring you another one.
4. Tell a complete stranger that you are in love with them, using best most convincing expression. Say nothing else and walk away.
5. Have a stalker. Some people talk about having a stalker and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little jealous. What makes these people so much more stalkable than me? Unless of course my stalker is just sneakier than other people's stalkers and has very cunningly avoided being discovered. If possible, I would like to have one of those genial, harmless, if somewhat odd and obsessed over me kind of stalkers.
6. Visit a petting zoo that has llamas. Try to feed them marshmallows.
7. Fall asleep on a park bench.
8. Disassemble a toaster to see its inner workings. Discover much about how toast is made. Do not put back together.
9. Put on a blonde wig to see how I would look as a blonde.
Walk out of a really terrible movie. Demand money back.
Try french onion soup for the first time.
12. Loudly say "YOU'RE WELCOME" after you've held the door or elevator for someone who did not bother to say thank you.
13. Befriend someone who owns a trampoline. Hang out with them religiously until jumping skills improve.
14. Wear pajamas to work. Roll sleeping bag out next to desk.
15. Pay the extra twenty dollars a month for HBO.
16. Visit New York City by myself and swear off maps. Get very, very lost. Don't ask for directions until I have somehow wandered off the island and have entered New Jersey. Buy a slice of pizza.


Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for! DAD

Ashley said...

oh, you mean the bit about the stalker? haha.