Tuesday, January 22, 2008

If you like "Mashed potatoes dot com," you may also enjoy "wasting extensive periods of time"

As promised, I did not write a single blog post this weekend. I figure I should let people relax and catch up on weekday posts they might have missed.

I occasionally shop online because I am lazy and because I hate shopping. One great feature of online shopping is the helpful product recommendations they provide once you select an item. For example, if you are searching for a book titled He's Just Not That Into You, Barnes and Noble may also suggest you check out How to Live With an Imperfect Person or I'm Gonna Like Me: Letting Off a Little Self-Esteem by Jamie Lee Curtis. But why stop there? Tivo already has the same feature; it could prove just as useful in everyday life. Like if you had someone following you around whenever you made a decision, suggesting comparable products or activities. Maybe a life-sized version of that paper clip from Microsoft Word.

Real-life applications:
If you like napping, you might also try: La-Z-Boy reclining chairs, sleeping pills, or watching golf on television.
If you liked Peter, you may also enjoy Mike, Brad, or Tom.
If you liked living in Wisconsin, you might like: frostbite, cheddar cheese, or childhood obesity.
If you enjoy ABC soap operas, you might also like: sleeping until noon, vacation, and unemployment
Customers who rented an apartment in Allston, MA, also purchased the sound of trains in your backyard until 3 AM daily, annoying college students, chain-link fences, garbage-ridden steets, and graffiti.

Rest assured I am only joking about Wisconsin; it's no secret that I happen to love that place. I stand by all my claims about Allston, though.

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