Wednesday, February 13, 2008

'Cause I’m the taxman. ... Yeah, I’m the taxman.

I just looked over the Wisconsin W-2 instructions that I received in the mail and wondered how I am going to persuade my dad to file my taxes for me. Then I remembered a crucial piece of information: I haven't lived in Wisconsin for two years. I'm no accountant but I feel like this changes matters. I was hoping that my parents missed me so much that they would complete my tax forms for me just to feel like we weren't separated by a thousand miles, but I recently learned that this is not the case. So 2008 marks the first year I have to prepare my own taxes. I feel like this is a large leap from my previous responsibility of supplying my signature and a stamp, but my dad assures me that I am ready for the challenge. I am a little nervous that through a calculation error, I will inadvertently defraud the government and be taken in contempt for tax evasion, but that's a chance I have to take. My parents seem to have cut the ties on all other planes of monetary support, but I'm hoping they're still good for bail money.

Last night, I tried convincing the kids I babysit to prepare my taxes for me (one is very good at math and one shows promise), assuring them that the process is so simple they practically file themselves. In return, I would complete their spelling and grammar assignments (I got a bachelor's degree in English so they were looking at an easy A). No one showed interest in the deal, but then we all got distracted by snack and forgot what it was we were talking about.

I wonder exactly how long it is going to take until I turn into my dad and start writing angry letters to the government and talking about tax cuts in my sleep.

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