Thursday, August 02, 2007

I have an idea for a 3-D movie

I went to a 3-dimensional movie for the very first time at the IMAX theater not long ago. I decided right then that there are few better ways in the world to spend one's time. I watched SHARKS! (exclamation point mine) with my brilliant six-year old cousin and have been bribing her ever since to go with me again (I'll let you read Shakespeare until 9 PM if you go see 3D Dinosaurs with me this Saturday...) She did seem a bit put-off by the fearsome-looking choppers of those great whites. What would be more child-friendly?


Imagine if you will ... 20 foot tall puppies (bit of an oxy moron, really) scampering about on screen, kind of like Clifford the Big Red Dog, the unidentified hand in the corner of the movie screen tossing them dog biscuits every once in a while. But it's like you're actually able to pet them! Children everywhere will love it. And that's why I'm immediately patenting the idea and selling it to Fandango.
* This photograph I may actually have the rights to, as one of them is my parents' dog. I don't know which one. It is not, however, our basket.

Well, maybe this entire post was an excuse for me to use the word "scamper."

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