Wednesday, July 25, 2007

RSS feeds - More acronyms with unknown origins

To prove that I am not the least bit scared of technology, not even a little, that is unless it came at me with TASER guns and decaffeinated coffee (TASER - also an acronym), I have created an RSS feed of my blog. If you are not familiar with RSS feeds, an RSS feed is similar to other acronyms in that you don't know you need it until someone tells you you do. I'm still a little hazy on what it is or how it is going to benefit anyone, but I see that as no reason to deprive the public of what could possibly be a very convenient way to access my blogs while I try and figure this out (could be months). So without further ado (apologies, there will be more ado), I give you the Mashed potatoes dot com blog RSS feed.

... do I actually have to tell you how to do it, or is that something best left up to readers? All I know is that you can now create an RSS feed of my blog. The address, if an address is necessary, might be this:

While you, a recent subscriber of my RSS feed and enthusiastic reader of this blog, encourage others not to be left out and become subscribers themselves, try to remember that all new inventions have the potential for abuse. The rapid advancement of technology presents a number of serious concerns that we must take into consideration before we are found cloning sheep in our backyards. For instance, as large, bulky desktop computers that are currently present in most homes across America give way to sleek, trimmed-down versions that take up no more space than your coffee cup, what am I going to use as a footrest while sitting at my desk? Ottomans aside, I encourage you to subscribe to my RSS feed because I know how daunting and time-consuming reading my blog has been for you over the past years. All questions or problems with accessing the RSS feed can be directed to, I don't know, Al Gore.


Jonk said...

How do we subscribe? Help!

ashley said...

Yell loudly for help. Help will find you.