Friday, June 01, 2007

Celebrities Run Amok in the Streets of Boston

Location: Swanky Beacon Hill
When: Week of May 20, on several occasions when I should have been working instead of wandering around Beacon Hill

Okay, so maybe they weren't "running amok." Actually, they were seen seated agreeably in local pizza restaurants and absentmindedly fondling produce in Whole Foods supermarkets.

Some co-workers and I ran into Cooper and Garber at Beacon Hill restaurant, Figs (by 'ran into' I of course mean sat at the next table staring quizzically, wondering if we recognized these people from an episode of Law and Order or from Trading Spouses: Meet Your New Mommy). In order to capture this once-in-a-lifetime moment on digital film to show to our friends on Facebook, we solicited the half-blind man at the adjacent table to take a picture of our group, our unsuspecting celebrity friends hanging out in the background. Thanks to our camera-savvy elderly friend, we now have a nice close-up of Victor Garber's Italian leather dress shoe.

Which brings to mind my neglected celebrity audience, whose interests have gone under-represented in this blog. While I currently have no celebrity readers to note, there is perhaps an obvious reason for this. If I appealed to their discerning tastes, maybe they would make time to visit my blog between movie takes or facial appointments. My presumption is that celebrities may stumble upon this blog after a habitual Internet search to find fan sites about themselves, or by looking up things they enjoy, like gold, Seven 4 All Mankind jeans, and surgical enhancements.

This is why in the future you will notice a definite increase in the number of posts designed to appeal to a growing celebrity readership. Please don't be alarmed by this change - I will continue to provide the same meaningful and relevant information that I have been sharing with you for nearly three years. Just please try to imagine that it is now garnished with diamonds and is physically enhanced to be more conventionally attractive.

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