Thursday, May 10, 2007

If the environment itself came to me and asked for a contribution on its behalf, I would not turn it down

If you are wearing a green jacket, please excuse me if I completely ignore you. I probably just assume you are working for Greenpeace. There are always an awful lot of these green-jacket-wearing ambassadors of our planet around my office in Beacon Hill, so many that I'm actually starting to hate the color green. I'm not sure if they are just situating themselves around au bon pain's in case they get hungry, but I think they need to disperse themselves a bit around Boston. Like in South Boston. Because I don't work there. They must be used to hearing this kind of thing, because when I suggested they try attracting followers when it was, say, 99 degrees in mid-August and you think you've reached your absolute limit of the amount of time you will tolerate your legs sticking to chairs, and not on the first nice day of the year, the guy immediately launched into some spiel about how they have to start early blah blah. It's not that I hate the environment or anything, but I think my family paid its debt to Greenpeace when I signed my dad up for Greenpeace e-newsletters in 1997. Since then he has received an average of 27 e-mails per day for an uninterrupted decade.

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