Friday, March 30, 2007

It Takes a Hangover

Remember that ground-breaking Hillary Rodham Clinton book, "It Takes a Village"? Well, sometimes all it takes is a wicked bad hangover to realize that not every single person you meet in a city is going to be an asshole. Yes, you people talk funny. You have retarded pronounciations for town names. Worcester (Wuh-stah)? Give me a break. You're not even trying. But I guess you're not worthless after all. You have a pretty good selection of free newspapers and magazines. No tax on clothing. But it turned out that mediocre drinks with good people is what it took to make me realize that just because there are no bars open past 2 am doesn't mean there is something intrinsically wrong with a place. Sorry Chicago friends ... it looks like I will be sticking here for a while. I am currently recruiting, though. And I would be thrilled to find some cases of Spotted Cow at my doorstep.

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