Monday, January 01, 2007

Is there "Life After Love?" I'm more interested in if there's "New Year's Eve After College"

At midnight one year ago, I was getting denied entrance at a Madison bar for being too drunk.

At midnight two years ago, I was falling repeatedly at a Robert Randolph concert because my high-heeled boots were incompatible with the floor, which was sloppy wet with people's spilled beverages (some of them being mine. The knee-high boots were also used to smuggle miniature liquor bottles into the concert).

At midnight this year, I was asleep in bed wearing two layers of long underwear, sweaters, a scarf, and ski pants underneath three blankets, as I had been for forty minutes. I don't know what I was dreaming about at the time, but I can only assume I was either filling out my tax returns, waiting in line at the supermarket, or something equally boring. The only way I realized we had reached the New Year was by my brother calling me at 1:30am from a bar in Chicago, "Oh, are you in bed? I'm sorry, go back to sleep..."

This year marked my first New Year's Eve out in the Real World. As it was the first new year's away from all the friends I've known and liquor stores I've frequented, I was curious to see what it might hold. I decided to keep myself out of trouble this year and spend it with my family skiing in Vermont. So this year instead of plastic cups filled with $4-a-bottle champagne and crowded bars packed with 20-somethings, I spent my night immersed in conversation with an 80-something Austrian ex-folk musician, being followed around and occasionally kicked by a 3 year old. Eventually I ate enough ice cream cake to induce a sugar coma and fell asleep reading. I have to wonder, is this the beginning of a trend? What's next, I start attending dinner parties held by couples, bringing a dish of greenbean casserole? Am I going to start needlepointing? I don't even know how to needlepoint - yet I'm too old too learn.

If this a sign of things to come, I'm not quite ready for it. It is nice to start 2007 hangover-free, but I guess that's the perk of a life revolving around needlepoint and greenbean casseroles.

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janice.bautista said...

To answer the question is there new years after college? I would like to say "yes". Although new years is supposedly this grandious celebration marking this "new year"...i would like to say it fits the mold of typical hallmark holiday. Fuck new years and fuck valentines day. Alls that matters is you had a conversation with an 80 year old ex musician from austria? G'DAY MATE...hahahahahahaha i had to throw in the good ol' dumb and dumber movie quote at the end.