Monday, January 01, 2007

First post of the new year!

Today I returned from a ski trip in Vermont with two sets of fairly frost-bitten toes. The sad thing was that they didn't become that way after a long day skiing on the icy-cold slopes. It was raining today so we didn't even ski. I guess the car was just a bit too chilly as we made our three hour trip back home, and somehow I didn't notice the gradual loss of feeling until it was too late. It took me a while to realize that your extremities weren't supposed to be so transparent. After the numbness in my feet caused me to trip over my own suitcase, I figured maybe I should do something. As I immersed my feet in a warm bath, it was like watching one of those toys that "magically" changed colors as they came in contact with water. My toes all turned to pink at a different rate. At least now I know which toes will be the first to go when I actually do get frostbite.

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