Tuesday, January 30, 2007

C is for Cookie, R is for Really strange T ride

My T-ride home this afternoon was made infinitely better by the fact that the Cookie Monster got on at Park Street and sat down next to me. I realize this sounds made up but take into account I am not creative enough to make it up, nor do I do enough drugs to hallucinate the experience. Not only does Cookie Monster take public transportation to get around town, but Oscar the Grouch and Grover also hung out in the middle car and amused passengers (and oddly enough, frightened small children). You'd think with all the royalties from Sesame Street they could afford to at least take a cab. CM propositioned those nearby for cookies, but we had to regretfully inform him we had none on us. The rest of the time the man in the huge fuzzy blue suit twiddled the thumbs of his giant hands (which were each about the size of a toy poodle), hummed the Sesame Street theme song, and dozed off inside his giant head. My time was divided equally between trying to discern where his eye-holes were and figuring out a subtle way of take a photo. He mentioned that he was getting off at Harvard Ave., which was where I happened to be getting off, even though it is not really my stop. That is where I snapped the picture that will go up as soon as I figure out how to get pictures from my cameraphone on my computer. And as soon as I get over the guilt of having lied to the Cookie Monster about not having any cookies in my purse.


Jonk said...

You had cookies in your purse? I'm surprised the Cookie Monster doesn't have some sort of a mental radar mechanism to detect cookies.

Dave said...

Have you ever noticed the Cookie Monster never really eats any cookies? He kind of just crunches them up in his mouth and the crumbles just fall out.

Paul said...

brings up the interesting question: Have there been any studies which investigate the links between cookie-monster-worship and bulimia in children?