Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This is a Christmas Post.

Christmastime is here again. And to celebrate, I went out and bought the "Holiday Trio" of coffee creamers by CoffeeMate, because I am easily swayed by advertising (ask me how they are. They are DELICIOUS). Christmas is best experienced when melted down and drank as Liquid Christmas, which is what I feel like these coffee additions allow me to do. But as we all know, Christmas isn't about what you want. Nor is it about telling other people what you want so they can buy it for you. It is, as a matter of fact, about going to Hannukah parties where you know they will serve duck instead of turkey, and you will get ticked off because there are no Christmas decorations and no one is drinking. Or maybe that is just my life.

So now, with limited budget I turn my thoughts to you, you people in my life, who I owe gifts to because you sacrificed your life to provide salvation for all of mankind - oh wait, that wasn't you. What do you want for Christmas? Maybe some kind of scented candle or a puppy-themed calendar? How would Jesus have reacted (HWJHR?) if he had gotten gifts like that instead of like, gold and myrrh? (myrrh: very pricey at the time, like saffron is today)

Jesus: Ohh, thanks ... a desk calendar. This is great, I'll use it um ... never. It's still in B.C., did you by any chance re-gift this?"

My dad apparently wants some kind of Ferrari (he assures me it is not part of a mid-life crisis) - which he is never getting. In response to my suggestion of "a slightly more practical idea" he said simply, "not another ashtray." Which is a valid point to bring up. In grade school the popular gift at the time was a hand-made ceramic ashtray, created with love for that special smoker in your life. My brother and I made some really nice ashtrays in our childhood for our father, which I think is always a thoughtful gift for someone who has recently quit smoking after 15 years. When I was around 8 and wanted to try Hanukkah on for size I made my dad a Star of David-shaped ashtray. I guess it was good that he no longer smoked, because it seems I did not dry the material it was made with properly (fimo?), and it would have probably combusted had it come into contact with any kind of fire. Or rather, "went the way of the penguins" (which no one other than my family will understand, and is really for another post).

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