Thursday, November 09, 2006

Things I would add to the supply list if I weren't so afraid I'd get fired

At work, we have a list that we are free to add office supplies to as needed, and administration will see that we receive them. Typical items include a 3-hole punch, thumbtacks, or paperclips. I've often been tempted to put some more interesting and less easily-acquired things on the list (anonymously, of course) but because I can't presently think of a better way to pay my rent than working here (outside of illegal street activity) I thought it better to confine them to this blog, where no one of importance will ever, ever see them. Some current suggestions:

1. 10-speed Huffy bicycle (blue)
2. 5 lbs peeled, divined shrimp
3. Encyclopedia Britannica letters H-Q, omit P
4. White elephant
5. the cast of Miami Vice, circa 1984
6. a better, higher-paying job, that I only occasionally have to show up to
7. tiny white elephant
8. 2 more years as an undergraduate college student
9. penguin and flashlight (for hours of uninterrupted fun - if you've ever been to a zoo you know what i'm talking about)
9. salvaged self-respect
10. box of assorted paperclips, sorted by color and density

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