Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Don't judge me for this post ...

I'd like to see how I stack up against homeless people.

In Boston, the newspaper written and sold by the homeless is called Spare Change News. I work in Beacon Hill, which is undoubtedly the most white bread and affluent part of town. I always run into a homeless guy outside the CVS selling Spare Change. I'm not suggesting that the people of Beacon Hill don't care about the poor, but I've been thinking maybe the homeless aren't doing everything they can to market Spare Change to this demographic. For instance, have they thought of changing the name to something that conjures up thoughts of wealth and luxury? Things the Beacon Hill inhabitant is comfortable with, things that don't scream "I'm poor!" Maybe something like Aristocrat Times, or The Robb Report.

Maybe I should write a newspaper to be competitive with Spare Change, for research purposes. To see if market research can benefit publications like Spare Change. I could call it Disposable Income: "Poorly-written news ... by people with homes " and gauge their reaction.

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Dave said...

The name of the pub is "Spare Change?"

So next time a bum asks me for money, I can just say, "Hey, I haven't seen your paper yet today. Sure I'd like to read it."