Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Contrary to popular opinion, I have no history of substance abuse.

Unless you count antihistamines.

After reviewing the following factors, I have concluded that my co-workers may be under the impression that I have recently picked up an addiction to cocaine:

1. Constant sniffling when I leave the bathroom. This, I assure you, is a direct result of the colds that find my immune system to be a cozy, accomodating home in which to raise their family and subsequent generations.
2. Weight loss. No simple effort, the quest to return to a pre-I went-to-college-in-Wisconsin weight is one many recent graduates find themselves undertaking.
3. Compulsive, repetitive behavior like consuming a 32-pack of sugarless gum in one day. See above "weight loss".
4. Always appears exhausted. Genetics. Also insomnia.
5. Relentlessly upbeat, perky attitude. That would be from the cocaine addiction.

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