Wednesday, May 17, 2006

From henceforth, you may notice an increase in regular blog postings ...

You may also notice an increase in your property tax as a result of this change.

The end of my university education ... this marks a very important point in my life. That is, when they revoke my student email address and I am forced to find an alternate one. So far, the return home has not been unusual to previous returns home. I have been back two days and can foresee exactly how the rest of the summer will pan out. My parents will alternate between badgering me about finding a job and yelling at me to clean up my dishes. The intensity of the former will no doubt increase as the summer progresses. Living in the suburbs with my parents is not particulary exciting - it might seem the contrary as we have received a total of three visitors today and it is not even noon. They have been, however (in ascending order), a Pella guy to fix our screen door, an exterminator to spray for wasps (not WASPS, if that were true our neighbors would all be exterminated), and the "Merry Maids," who don't seem all that jolly but who could blame them.

Now it is noon, therefore time to drink coffee and watch ABC soaps until someone threatens to take away my car if I don't actually change out of my pajamas before 5 o'clock. One more great thing about being home with your parents - my dad shows an unmatched ability to unashamedly point out each and every blemish on your face to you, asking, like he has never seen a zit before in his life, "what's that on your face?"

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Jonk said...

I don't know when they'll revoke your school e-mail. I thought they were doing that to mine in March, but it's still working right now.