Friday, December 30, 2005

The gift of Christmas.

What did you get for Christmas? My mom got a fat lip and I got more flu-like symptoms. Now she has to explain to everyone that no, her husband doesn't beat her and that she actually took a spill on the bathroom floor. I, on the other hand, have to turn down invitations to actually leave the house, or else cart along a supply of tissues to remedy this perpetual cold I seem to have acquired. I'm hoping that by my college graduation this year I will be completely healthy for at least seven consecutive days.

(This post was begun over a week ago but I never actually finished, so here is how things have progressed)
Update on my mom's busted lip: Things seem to be healing quite rapidly. For the first few days she refused to venture out in public as it looked like she had an unfortunate accident with a botched collagen implant. I taught her the wonders of concealer usage, and at least now the enlarged multi-colored segment of her face is one uniform color. Interestingly, while at the mall the other day, we walked past a display of the same supersoft socks that had previously caused her to fall face-first on the tile. My mom shuddered in recognition to what I now refer to as "the socks of death."
Update on my failing health: I got over my flu, only to be re-infected with some other viscious disease that my brother spread throughout the house. I am now sick for the third time this month, which seems a little unsettling. But I am not a doctor so I can't make any judgments.

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