Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I really am that creatively drained that I can't think of a title for this.

Welcome back. We have missed you. No, no we didn't. I was working since 630 this morning and suffice to say do not have much energy to blog creatively. I should not even be writing right now. But I will anyway because my brother put a link to this place on his new website that he actually paid a whopping $5 for, so, um ... here's some fresh material. Is it more than a little sad that I surprised everyone just by showing up to work today? Or is that just normal. Anyway I have been in Madison for the summer where I have been engaging in a variety of activities such as getting parking tickets, spending my entire savings account, and writing checks for money I don't have. Who ever thought finding a job would be so hard? Sadly, I've resigned to spending 3-4 hours a day working at ... the Red Oak Grill. Do not be fooled by the name - it's a lot less nice than it sounds. And ... all you fucking customers can fucking bite me. Wait, I mean ... have a nice day. Obviously I'm not a people person or I've been caught on a bad day. Maybe a little of both. The library tried charging me $80 for a book I forgot to return. I was all set to yell at them and tell them just how much I am not paying that bill, but it turns out I can just return the book. Still, it was a little scary. I hope all you Internet-reading people have a spectacular day. I mean I hope that it is really, really spectacular. And I hope that you do not get any parking tickets.

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