Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Today, It comes after Yesterday, which was Not a Good Day

This just in ....

"What's a Blog?
"Blog" is short for Web log..." (Blogger FAQ)

Not buying it. Then why not Eblog? Wlog? Nice try, google. I'm sticking with my own theories.

I did this. My top spot? Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Is this some kind of sick joke? I've lived 40 minutes from Milwaukee my whole life ... and 20 from Chicago....I rest my case...

Welcome screen at
"Blogger News
New Blogger Blog
We started a new Blogger team blog:
Blogger Buzz. This way, we can post all sorts of things related to blogs, Blogger, blogging, and bloggers without crowding up your dashboard space."
Maybe I am the only one who found it interesting that 27% of the words in this section contain the word "blog." To test this theory, pick a unique word and use it at least 1/4 of the time you are talking for one day.

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The Moped said...

I am now well on my way for finding my southern paradise after graduation thanks to!