Monday, March 28, 2005

Sifting through old junk in the basement...

The genius of Joshua ***** - a young talent, a raging success almost from birth - shines through yet again in this early science fiction/fantasy piece. "The Witch and the Prince," translated in 2005 from its original handwritten form, combines the mystique of an enchanted forest, the romantic allure of nature, and the timeless theme of the power of love. The original copy of this work is contained within a manila envelope - or perhaps it was once white and dulled to a frayed yellow over the passage of almost his entire childhood. The cover of the envelope itself is illustrated by the young writer himself, once again confirming his multi-talentedness in the arts. To read "The Witch" is to feel young again; Joshua has a cunning ability to capture the reader’s attention, and inevitably, his heart....

The Witch and the Prince
Josh ******, age 7
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess who lived in a castle at the edge of the woods. One spring day she went for a ride on her white horse. She met a witch disguised as an old woman. She said, "come with me to my house." She said, "Would you like something to drink?" She said, "Yes" and the witch gave her some poison! She fell to the floor. And then a prince came along and asked, "Is there anybody here?" and he looked. When he saw the princess he knew there was an evil witch somewhere. He pulled out his sword. He looked around. He saw the witch. She tried to escape but the prince stabbed her. Just then the princess woke up. But the witch did not die. But the prince had a magic potion. He told the princess to move and then the witch blew into a puff of smoke. But the witch did not die. The prince had a magic sword. He threw the sword and said, "Turn the witch into a ditch." But nothing happened. He kept on hitting her but nothing happened. He passed the little house. He walked right past the house. When he had walked about a mile, he turned around and started walking back. He walked past the house again and again and again. Finally, he stopped and looked in and he saw them fighting. He made the witch disappear with his magic.

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For all interested parties-
The original work in a four-pane glass frame will be auctioned by Christie's this June as a part of their "Modern American Literature" series. Bidding is expected to top the six-figure mark.