Monday, November 15, 2004

You don't know how lucky you are to be reading this for free...someday you will have to pay to read things I write!

okay so maybe that's not entirely true. more than likely it is me that will be paying you to please, please read my new manuscript or short story and yes, I would mind you using it to paper-train your dog. however, (not that anyone cares or is reading this, but maybe for that one person that typed in, I don't know, the word "paper-train" in a search engine and accidentally and unfortunately came across this "blog" (another parentheses. I really sincerely apologize for misleading you and I hope you do not give up on account of this), this is all I will be posting for right now ... seeing as I have decided to start attending classes. Well that's it for now. Thanks, Josh, for reading, since I know you are the only person reading as you are so far the only person I have begged to read this page.

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Anonymous said...

Ashley is an awesome writer. I can't wait until the day when she is famous and I can tell people that I once knew her. One time Ashley and I went to a party and there were girls wrestling in jello. True story. Unfortunately when she is famous she will deny ever knowing me, but that is ok. I'll still have the memories.