Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Virgin Mary in Grilled Cheese Sandwich ... pending response

Much to my amusement, I was tipped off to a very intriguing ebay auction this morning. Because I have no life, I feel compelled to share this with you.* I do not feel like relating the details, so I will just paste a link:
Anyway, the guy is apparently pretty serious about the divinity of the grilled cheese, so he gets a little peeved when people do not recognize the gravity of the auction. Can you believe people actually send him "vindictive" (his words, not mine) emails questioning the Virgin Cheese's significance? Since I would never stoop to their level, but wanted to extend in sincerity my interest in the grilled cheese, I decided to send him a few questions and they are as follows:
Dear dltdesigns2002,
If you do in fact believe this grilled cheese sandwich is emblazoned with the face of the Virgin Mary, which I suspect you do, how do you think she would look upon you selling it on ebay for $70,000? Do you think it was a sign from the powers that be that you should hawk it online? Yours truly, Ashley p.s. I completely agree that it was God that gave you the good grace to win $70,000 in gambling money.
So my point of this post is that I am eagerly awaiting his response, if he so chooses to respond ... Well I'm going to spend the rest of the day making grilled cheese sandwiches and trying to fry up a Virgin Mary or two (I'm sensing that may have sounded a bit blasphemous...) or you know, a Harry Caray or whatever.

*again, "you" implies there are actually people reading this besides myself


Combat Doc said...

The question is not why the virgin image appeared on the sa'mich, with the anount of grilled cheese made in this world why hasn't it been noticed more often. Oh yeah, because we have lives. Keep blogging!!!

Anonymous said...

are you sure he knows what emblazoned means?? hahaha