Monday, November 15, 2004

Ideas for Novels that I will never actually write

This section will be dedicated to crafty novel ideas that occur to me but will not actually be written due to the fact that I am lazy and have no attention span. However, if someone decides to use one of my ideas and actually write a book about them to receive a large sum of money and/or fame, I will be expecting generous royalties and attribution for my suggestion. However, if your book goes unnoticed or does poorly, I would like nothing to do with it.


Anonymous said...

As the provider of your "liberal education" I demand 50% of all royalties you shall receive for stories written by you, or with ideas posted herin be paid to me.

Your sponser,


ashley said...

You spelled sponsor wrong!!! You get no royalties!! Maybe you should have finished college instead of moving to California to sell soap!